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Da Divine Academy
Daily Tarot Practice Development


     This class is for students that want to form a daily Tarot practice. Understanding the energies of the tarot and being able to find them in your day will help with relation to the cards rather than just knowing the meanings. This class helps you create your chant, meaning the trigger words that come to you first when you see a card. Knowing how you are given your messages will help you read your map. Meaning your cards. Be advised you must have your own 78 card Tarot deck for this class.


This class offers optional in house tarot reading training after 3 Months with real clients, in our very own Da Gate Community Group and After 6 Months on Facebook. You must be a student in Da Divine Academy or an Alumni to  give advertise.



This class is one year long. 365 Days. The main purpose is to discipline yourself to set aside a time in your busy day to check in with your guides and your tarot deck.  

You will be responsible for entering a picture of your card and an explanation on it daily for 365 days.


You can go at this alone or you can share with your classmates in Your classroom.

Text books are available in Da Divine Academy Library to help you along your journey.  

Tuition can be paid monthly or in full for the whole year. Tuition is non refundable. Growth takes time and trust.

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