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A stranger came knocking on my door looking for her..Miss Jessica..I didn't know her but I heard where she lives around here and so I directed the stranger to her place..I hear many things about Miss Jessica..some very normal acts and some mysterious.but overall very good spirit..nobody knows where she came from other than up north in the biggest city area..she doesn't get into long conversations with anyone nor does she hangout around here..some say she makes good income off her business online which she keeps that under her secret business which is the best..she doesn't open up too much to anyone about her life and upbringing..just her educational opportunities and successful fact she doesn't have any close friends or family here..just keep to herself mainly..everyone respect that about that too from day 1 when she migrated here recently..she appears to be basic and simple especially in her dress code..i never seen her too dressed up nor all dolled up in make-up.. she's mostly casual..she appears friendly cause she speaks and greets everyone..the children loves her energy too..she doesn't have any it appears..nobody knows for sure..not even if she's married but separated but who likes assuming these days?..I wonder who is this stranger that knocked on my door looking for her..maybe someone close to her from her former neighborhood up north..I never seen them before..but when she finally opened up her door..seemed happily surprised to see them..I'm still wondering why she go jogging at night and it appears she don't come back til early morning about 3am..maybe she's avoiding people as she practice her discipline taking care of her body..but the community appreciate her much cause she's always serving the elders with great meals and looking out for anyone struggling with groceries..even looking out for people's utility bills..she even bought the children in the neighborhood school supplies and clothes for those who needed don't hear good news like that daily right..she looks as if it's her soul purpose here cause I never saw her turn down anyone needing financial help..she would also speak an encouraging message to them...hmm Ms Jessica..that's what everyone calls her in the neighborhood.. Ms Jessica doesn't exist..she's an AI fictional character only..

Jazmyne Scott
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