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When we look to the mind we find a prolific cause of sickness. Man thinks himself into ill_ health and disease. It is well known that thinking about disease and sickness produces them in the body. People who are for ever thinking about disease, illness, operations and other morbid subjects, become a prey to these thing. Those who believe that sickness is inevitable, manifest it in their life. Man is not only made ill by his own negative thoughts and emotions, he is also under the Hypnotic (Spell) of the race mind. The God of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not. "We are all under the Spell, more or less, of a huge illusion. The evil, disease, sickness and other imperfections that we see and existence, have no reality, in reality, but have an existence in unreality. Although they are not real to this present limited consciousness. By realizing the truth, and by thinking and living!

Jazmyne Scott
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